Dubsado strategy for the creative entrepreneur that is smashing their business but spending way too much time on the admin tasks....

The dream is to work less but achieve 


Let Dubsado help you with that....


You want to knock the socks off your clients with a slick onboarding that doesn't leave you stressed out and don't want to be chained to your laptop - so don't be, let's make this a reality

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Picture this....

You are able to sign the high rolling clients every month.....without all the stress, overwhelm and ball-dropping that’s happening now.

You’ve set up your emails, proposals, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires only ONE MORE TIME…and know with 100% confidence they’ll be sent on-time to the right client, in the right order. And it didn’t take you months to figure out how!

You wake up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire and booked a call…without you having to play exhausting email ping pong for days figuring out time zones and availability (only to double book yourself on accident because - whoops - no system.) And all because you have Dubsado set up.

All your leads being blown away by your professional process...and it all happened on autopilot whilst you watched Netflix.

With my help, you and I will work together to brainstorm and map out your entire workflow and client journey from the minute a potential client wants to work with you to the very end when you wave them goodbye

Are you:


A creative entrepreneur who’s been doing this for a while but are ready to take their business to the next level?

Working with a good turnover of clients, but leaving an OJ-after-toothpaste taste in their mouth because of an inconsistent onboarding process?

Making decent money, but don’t have any systems in place so your time is stretched like a Real Housewife’s face?

Ready to run a tight ship of a business and feel totally in control?

Willing to spend a few hours to save yourself MONTHS of your super valuable time?


If you answered 'YES, THAT'S ME...'

Then Dubsado was made for you.


I won't lie to you, Dubsado can be a tricky beast to set up.....but it's a powerful one that will change your business and the way you work forever....for the good

Download my free guide which will help you create the perfect Dubsado in 10 steps.

Grab your FREE copy today

Who am I?

My name is michelle....

And when I’m not wrangling my 3 kiddos or watching the Mission Impossible movies, I’m helping creative entrepreneurs just like you feel more confident and in control of their business.

During my 16 years as a PA, I helped busy managers get their biz in order and always had to use loads of different software and systems.
When I discovered the all-in-one power of Dubsado...I knew I could use it to change the lives and businesses of amazing business owners like you. 
Seeing my clients go from frazzled, unorganised, stressed out hustlers to calm, in-control CEOs is my absolute FAVOURITE.

It is my calling in life to help simplify systems and processes so more women feel empowered to run their businesses instead of feeling their business run them.

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