Are you a VA?

Having a VA business where you can work from home around the kids, choose your hours AND your clients is the best feeling.  I know because I've been there.

Have you noticed as you've gotten busier your time has become stretched and it quite quickly eats into family time or your own time?

Are you finding you're spending more of your time organising and then rearranging calls, sending emails and payment reminders than actually doing the client work?

I've been there and I've found the answer!

So what's the answer?

Having a system like DUBSADO is like having your own VA without the having a VA.

Imagine having a system that keeps your clients information in one place AND being able to send out onboarding information at the tough of a button??

Do your clients use Dubsado?

Many online services providers are now using Dubsado to manage their clients (I don't blame them it's amazing!)

Naturally, as their business evolves they may need some tweaks made to their Dubsado account or possibly new calendars and workflows setup - but you CANNOT wing it. It needs someone who knows the system and how it works.

Up levelling your skillset as a VA is another string to your bow (so to speak).

How amazing would it feel to be able to support your client with these changes!

Imagine being able to tell them, 'I can do that for you', and now you've banked extra hours onto your contract AND built a stronger relationship with your client - they can't possibly dump you, you're too valuable to the business!!

In 4 short weeks, you couldn't only be saving yourself time but also have a new skill under your belt.

Sound good so far? Read on...


DO YOU 'NEED' Dubsado in your VA Business?

The short answer to this is NO.....I started out my VA career with a domain name, a go daddy website (which looked pants and a contract I’d bought from Jo Munro at the VA Handbookers. It was a start.....


BUT, it was doing my head in doing everything manually and it was taking me hours to onboard one client as I didn't have a clue what I was doing....plus it looked pants!! ie... having appointments on Calendly, then sending out contracts with hello sign, invoice through Wave etc


When I left my secure job as a PA, which I'd been doing for 16 years I didn't leave to do a half arsed job when I started my own business. I also knew that I had the experience and drive to help others be more efficient in their business.


I wanted everything to look inviting and I wanted a slick process and it wasn't looking AS professional as it could for my VA business and you just knew there must be a better way.


I had heard of Dubsado from a few conversations with people on Instagram but to be brutally honest when I first looked at it, I was completely overwhelmed - it can look like a tricky beast to start with.


However quitting is not a thing for me, and I knew I wanted my business to run smoother for me and my clients, I wanted to bring my customer experience to the next level so I decided to go ALL in and learn it inside out. I have never looked back for my business and now IT IS my business to teach others this amazing system.


Are you ready to create a business that works for you behind the scenes and elevates your skills as a VA and offer more services? 

This jam packed and full of value FREE guide will give you the tools to get started with Dubsado. 

Ensure that your client onboarding is slick and professional and show your clients how it should look and wow the pants off them!

Download here 👇🏼

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If I can set up Dubsado then so can you!

How you can work with me?

1:1 Dubsado Training
for VA's

This training is 1:1 bespoke to your business over 4 weeks.

4 x 1hr zoom calls

Support throughout

Canva templates to use in forms

Simple CSS coding for forms

Homework and actions in-between calls

1 weeks post training support

If you are starting from scratch then that's where we start....If you have started to set up Dubsado but have got stuck, then we start from there.

Investment - £597

Learn how to become a Dubsado Expert

So you've been a VA for a while and you want to expand your knowledge and offer more services?

But how do you become a Dubsado Expert?  what do you need and how do you even start?.

You will need to have and use Dubsado in your own business for this service.

This training is 1:1 and includes an overview of your own Dubsado account and runs through the knowledge in more detail.  Then we will go through what is needed and how to start a set up for a client.  We will go through the pitfalls learnt from my experience.

Training is over 4 weeks and includes homework and you will receive documents to help you to set up in your Dubsado for Dubsado clients

Investment - £997


What my clients said......

''Working with you was a dream! Each week, I was super excited about our session and I loved the homework too!

I've shyed away from setting up Dubsado in the past because I thought it would be too difficult. You made everything simple, manageable and fun.

The remote support between sessions was incredible. Anything at all I wasn't sure about, you were there to help me. Nothing was too much trouble.

I've already had such amazing feedback from my clients on how beautiful everything looks and how seamless the experience is.

I feel Dubsado has taken my business to another level!

Thanks so much, Michelle. You're a total superstar!''

Lizzie Smith

''When I knew that I wanted to start using Dubsado, there was only one person who I wanted to train me how to use it and that was Michelle. 

Working with Michelle has been amazing!

She worked at my pace, patiently answered all of my questions and gave me confidence that I could manage my own Dubsado account. 

Her training was both logical and thorough and we covered so much in the sessions that I now feel ready to test and practice with confidence. 

Using the system feels professional and I love how it will up-level my client's experience. I could not have done this without Michelle's training and I am truly grateful.''

Zoe Carroll

And another!....

Image by Mathyas Kurmann

Dubsado creates the calm in your business