How I use Dubsado in my business and why my clients love it too

Updated: Jan 27

Purchasing Dubsado was easily the best investment I’ve made in my business.

I decided to purchase it after a friend of mine told me about it and I was like......I need this in my life right now!

Dubsado is so much more than just a client management system and I think it’s the perfect tool in any creative business.

Not only does it help me sort my day to day activities on the back end, but it provides a luxurious experience for my clients and helps me up-level my business. Here are some of my favourite features of Dubsado:


I feel like giving my clients their log in to their own personal portal is an unknown secret for most.

The client portal is an easy way for client to view their entire project in one place. They are able to see our email threads, invoices, contracts, make payments and approve proofs or give feedback.

You can also include links to helpful documents along the way such as templates or homework.

I was embarrassed to send pdf attachments in emails and ask my clients to please print and scan them. Does anyone still have a scanner?! Now they can seamlessly click buttons and fill out text fields without a problem!


I switched over my initial client questionnaire to a form in Dubsado. It was so easy for me to copy and paste the code into my website and now I can keep track of all of my leads in Dubsado.

I no longer have to sort through my flagged emails, I can view their filled out forms and get back to them in seconds!


I have workflows set up to remind me of what the next step in my process is. You can set up your workflow to do pretty much everything for you! Although I wouldn't recommend it being fully automated....It's good to keep a handle on some aspects.

I’m always changing mine for each client because my process is so customised but they are still great to have in place and follow where each client is in your process.


After my clients initial discovery call, I send them a proposal - this is also a good opportunity for them to see how Dubsado will look to their clients.

The proposal is linked with smart fields to automatically fill out the client’s information and present initial pricing through the invoice.

Clients can view the proposal, sign the contract and pay the invoice all in one simple step! How cool is that??

This first impression is such an important way for me to come off as a serious professional and provides an easy way for my clients to pay and book with me as soon as possible! This is one of the reasons why they want this system themselves.

There are several other features that Dubsado has like time tracking, book-keeping, a meeting scheduler, and more.