Say bye bye Calendy and hello Dubsado

Being a service-based business entrepreneur is both a hardworking but amazing job.

Spending your days dealing with the ever-changing scenarios that your job brings on your plate, while you are trying to find the best strategies to grow your business and utilise your potential to the fullest.

It’s all part of the package that comes along when you decide to go it alone or ditch your full-time job for a freelancing career. You wish to succeed in every aspect of your job – and that includes how effectively you engage with your clients.

After all, they are the focal points of your business and you are willing to go to any extent to support their goals.

One of the keys to have a successful business is continuously identifying areas within your business that can be optimised to serve clients quicker and efficiently. One of the best ways in doing this is through the use of online schedulers.

So let's say goodbye to the email scheduler and let's say hello to Dubsado's own scheduler.....why have many systems when you can have one!? .

I have nothing against Calendly actually, it's a great platform, however, as much as I loved this automatic scheduling software it didn’t integrate with my CRM system Dubsado and was one of many recurring bills I had to pay out every month to support my business.

Dubsado’s built-in scheduler, not only saved me the additional fee but I now also included the ability to attach beautiful forms or questionnaires to my scheduler.

For the longest time, I wanted my online scheduler to send out customised forms, questionnaires, and proposals right on the spot when someone books an appointment.

This additional information is always helpful before a meeting, as it helps me to organise myself and devise a possible meeting agenda to keep the appointment on track.

I love to share the effectiveness and user-friendliness of Dubsado Online Scheduler for anyone who had been hesitant to make this wise move up till now.

So here is the top 4 reasons you’ll love the Dubsado scheduler and how it has resulted in enhancing my client interactions:

1. Let's talk ‘BUFFER TIME’

THIS is the ultimate feature that made me fell in love with the Dubsado scheduler. This is the time that allows you to catch some breathe in between the two meetings or to gather your thoughts or even to cater the travelling time in between the two engagements.

This automatic feature allows you to set a padding interval as per your own convenience, hence restricting anyone who tries to book a slot in between. Additionally, you can set a buffer time to set how far in advance can someone book you, to avoid any trouble to both you and your clients.

2. How much is too much?

When you are in business, it is very likely to have back to back meetings in a row – and that too for many days. Though buffer time allows you to keep some padding time in between the meetings, you sometimes yearn to work uninterrupted for a few hours. And here again – the Dubsado scheduler comes to the rescue.

With it’s ‘Maximum Appointments’ feature, you can cap the number of meetings that you’d like to attend in one day. This feature not only prevents overbooking, but it also lets you maintain a balance between your work and appointments.