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Dubsado Full Set up

You know in order to take on more clients and hit your big income goals you need to get organised...I've been there.

Imagine waking up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire and booked a call without any of the stress!!

How good it would feel to impress the socks off your family and friends with how organised and in-control you are. 

But you don't have the time to set this system up do you?  I hear you and that's why this package works so well for you...It's done for you.

What's included:

  • A 30 minute starter call to talk through your client journey's

  • A questionnaire to collate all the information to get started

  • Voxer communication to talk through any queries

  • Walk you through connecting up your emails, calendar and integrations

  • Set up all your forms and make them look beautiful

  • Create the barebones of canned emails (you can then add your own tone of voice)

  • Upload your contracts and ensure they are all connected to the right proposals

  • Create your appointment schedulers

  • Lastly.....create workflows that are simple and not complicated

  • 45 minute handover call and training

  • Voxer support for 1 week upon completion

What's NOT included:

  • PDF creation

  • After 4.30pm or weekend support

  • More than 1 full service - further services will be priced separately


1: 1 Dubsado Training

Would you like to set up Dubsado yourself but are not quite sure where to start....plus your budget doesn't run to someone setting it up for you?

I have the perfect solution for you...Learn like a Pro....with a Pro in 4 weeks

It's 1:1 so you have the benefit of me helping YOU create the perfect Dubsado for your business. But you learn exactly how to set it up and use it so you won't feel lost after it's all set up

Plus it's 63% less than a 'done for you' service

What's included:

  • A questionnaire to collate all the information to get started

  • Voxer communication to talk through any queries in office hours

  • I have access to your account so I can assess and check for any issues you are having

  • 4 x 1 hour calls over 4 weeks to work together to set up Dubsado with you

  • Homework in-between calls

  • 1 weeks voxer support after we are finished

What's NOT included:

  • A 'done for you' service

  • After 4.30pm or weekend support